Ibiza is rocking

Lonely Trevor continues to keep guard in case Big Magda emerges from behind the stepping stones but it is clear that the party action has definitively moved to the Ibiza pool. You could virtually walk on it at lunchtime it was so crowded. The sun seems to have also brought out the frogs who live in the top pond and all the way up the stream. I do not know if the top pond frogs are a superior sort of amphibian, they are certainly a bit slimmer and smaller. More newts are appearing and we have water boatmen sculling over the meniscus. There is even one water hawthorn in flower. Spring is well under way…

2 thoughts on “Ibiza is rocking

  1. Ok Karen, what’s the secret, lots of lovely photos of frogs and friends but not a bit of pond weed in sight! Are they strategically placed!! Very happy to help with suggested box sets however bear in mind I’m a mother in law of a media lawyer so can ask for some sound advice!! Are you baking a cake for birthday boy? I’m not getting your replies I think Keith said you were replying? Loving the blogs though! Judy xx



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