The Border Home Companion

It seems that social distancing is here to stay for a while. I have been thinking about how to remain social whilst keeping my distance. When I was travelling a few years ago a blog worked well to keep friends and family in the loop so I thought it might be time to have another go. This will be a record of what I’m up to to wile away the time and to keep my mum on top of what is happening in the garden (apparently instagram is not sufficient). If it amuses anyone else that’s a bonus!

For the general blog click on the blog tab at the top of the page.

This is what I was thinking of covering:

A breath of fresh air
  • what’s out in the garden
  • progress in the greenhouse
  • pondlife (basically tadpoles and such like)
  • roaming around and about (in solitary splendour)
Baking and making
  • cooking (you can also access my recipe blog through the link at the bottom of the page)
  • knitting
  • sewing
  • general mucking about. If this drags on (as it may) I was thinking about batik…
News and Views
  • Books, films and podcasts to try
  • updates from my correspondents beyond the curtilage
  • sports reports (Tom and Keith playing snooker)
  • general musings

For anyone wondering “who is this lunatic?”

I live in the Scottish Borders and am sharing what I am up to as the family “socially distances” in the hope it cheers you up

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