Another year, another project

Just a quick garden update for those who like that sort of thing! Work on the new shade bed is trucking along steadily. I have now rehomed all of Raymond Next Door’s unwanted hostas and potted up the broken bits to act as possible fillers elsewhere next year. I think there’s space in the nutteryContinue reading “Another year, another project”

Yorkshire and back via Coventry

It has been a hectic few weeks recently and somehow there has always been something much more pressing than penning an update. However, I have carved out a couple of hours before dinner (which Keith is cooking) to catch up with emails and here I am at last in the sweet slot between (i) theContinue reading “Yorkshire and back via Coventry”


It’s getting just a touch cooler. On Monday I lit the log burner in the evening for the first time in ages and today the chimney sweep is coming so we can finally get the living room fire going. Of logs, post Storm Arwen, there is a superabundance but I do rather miss the FinancialContinue reading “Kindling”