Today was my second last day at work. I have one virtual meeting tomorrow and after that I’m done and dusted. Today’s most entertaining handover job was being asked to pen a gardening article for beginners. This is for colleagues stuck at home who find themselves driven to consider gardening. I went for foolproof andContinue reading “Handovers”

Damp bahookie

There’s something quite liberating about knowing that no one is going to drop by. However, what I am discovering about my “liberated” self, is that she has not developed much from the 8 year old with a prized a baggie net, save for becoming more scruffy. (It is a known fact that, despite spending mostContinue reading “Damp bahookie”

Walking the walk

Lyra is, of course, our son’ s dog. However, we find ourselves in loco parentis for the time being so dog walking is a new addition to the daily agenda. I like wandering around the countryside, but it is definitely better with a dog. For a start you have an alibi (wandering around on yourContinue reading “Walking the walk”

Looking and not seeing

Sometimes something can be right in front of you, metaphorically making jazz hands, and you just don’t see it. I had a morning coffee by the top pond today and spent a happy hour admiring the water hawthorn and the hostas coming through. It was only later in the day that I was suddenly shockedContinue reading “Looking and not seeing”

Planning ahead

Friends and neighbours will know that this month is my last at work, and I am retiring at the end of the month to devote myself to a life of gardening, bizarre sewing and knitting projects, dodgy artwork and intermittent sloth. In these last few work days I have been mainly winding things down, handingContinue reading “Planning ahead”

It’s glorious, it must be a Monday

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lucky I can work from home and am not facing unemployment or a massive drop off in my normal income. Let’s take this as read. I do, however, really struggle with sticking at it on a very sunny day. It’s fine if there’s a crisis brewing and I can pullContinue reading “It’s glorious, it must be a Monday”

It’s all bright and blowsy out there

As you come through the orchard you catch a glimpse of the orange, pink and yellow tulips in the rose garden and it is fabulous. I am coming to the conclusion that the bolder and bawdier the better for tulips. The bulbs are also out in spades in the library bed – and doing betterContinue reading “It’s all bright and blowsy out there”

You reap what you sow (I hope)

A duller day today so perhaps some hope of getting some indoor stuff done. First task is to order the annual flower seeds. It is probably a bit late but then I often get to them late and it turns out fine….. I love seed and bulb catalogues. They are one of life’s great goodContinue reading “You reap what you sow (I hope)”

What’s in a name?

Over last night’s curry (and shout out here to Abdul and the team at the Coldstream Radjhani Spice – another corker!) we descended to the time tested family game of combining place names into characters for the novel/play none of us is ever going to write. Thus far we have: Guay Tullimache of Ruthven –Continue reading “What’s in a name?”