You reap what you sow (I hope)

A duller day today so perhaps some hope of getting some indoor stuff done. First task is to order the annual flower seeds. It is probably a bit late but then I often get to them late and it turns out fine…..

I love seed and bulb catalogues. They are one of life’s great good things. My mental list is usually up to a gazillion packets before reality hits and I prune back to slightly more than what is actually going to be manageable in my allotted space in the greenhouse.

This year I have yet again over ordered. On the annual front (inter alia) I am going to give Shirley poppies another go – they didn’t really do well last year but I am going to try a new location. I am also giving Larkspur a whirl.

Lysimachia does well here so I have ordered a bronze and cream perennial variety and also some more white echinacea. This year’s “triumph of hope over reality” seeds are mixed peony.

I shall keep you posted and in the meantime here are some views from the gin terrace (spot the dumpy bags) and the latest things out in the garden today.

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