Not yet Ché

On 1st May I received a message from the Law Society to tell me I had been removed from the roll of solicitors (any my own instigation I should add, I’ve not been defrauding grannies (whatever my mum has to say)). Aha I thought, that’s me leaving the establishment….

Which brought me in mind of an incident in, I think, the first week I was at University. I was in with Bernice upstairs, having a cup of tea and a chit chat, when the door burst open and two gels (I use the term deliberately), in plummy tones breathlessly wondered if we might possibly have a spare string of pearls.

We shook our heads wordlessly. Nothing hitherto had led us to believe that such an item should be packed in the emergency kit along with the plasters and safety pins. They whooshed off, all hair and teeth, to find better equipped first years.

We were pretty much helpless with laughter for the rest of the evening. “Spare pearls” became quite the catchphrase….

Alas, the corruption of the establishment is such that I now possess the guilty items. I do hope I don’t have to hand them back before I am admitted to the International Brigade. Keith rather excelled himself with those. They were much better than the 3 dumpy bags of gravel I got for the previous birthday.

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