Just Dangling

Yesterday started misty but very rapidly warmed up to blistering. After a week of self imposed not digging I cracked and spent most of the afternoon wrenching up roots and digging in compost. Highly satisfying, but by late afternoon I was boiling hot and somewhat pooped.

Strolling round the garden to cool down in the evening light was a delight. Everything really is looking grand, and the light through the acer leaves at the front is quite something to see.

The bottom pond is still a bit weedy but the top one is crystal clear and you can see right down to the bottom. Loads of newts. It looks like 2 different types, one crested and the other not (though perhaps the crest is a mark of seniority and the smooth ones are just the yoot). It was so interesting I lay down on the bridge and dangled over for ages just watching them.

They look shifty, definitely up to something I’d say.

Lyra spent all afternoon playing in the field with Skye, Raymond’s Labrador (who is expecting puppies soon) and was pegged out by the evening. She came up to my garret for a snooze on “her” sun lounger.

All in all and excellent day.

3 thoughts on “Just Dangling

  1. Being the animal world I suspect the crested one are male……. thankfully nothing like the human world!! X



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