Pizza Pizzaz

Since the lockdown started we have been firing up the pizza oven every other Thursday to make and deliver pizzas for the neighbours.

It is quite the family affair. I make the dough (apart from one week when I was demoted after a soggy batch the week before. Finding my reading glasses again helped….) I am also (in Lachlan’s absence) dough roller, chief topping putter-onner and pizza putter-inner. Keith stokes the fire, is topping sourcer and chopper upper and (in Lachlan’s absence) special sauce maker, under topper putter-onner and pizza taker -outer. When Lachlan is home he is the complete pizzaiolo from sauce to garnish.

After a frenzy of pizza making the further away pizzas fly off by Jag (and sometimes Landrover) and Lyra and I deliver the ones along the road. With whatever is left we make our own, hit the wine and beer and relax. Lyra likes the crunchy singed bits at the edge.

Since we started we have observed a curious phenomenon. Although everyone is isolating, and they tell me there has been no covert pizza coordination, every week there seems to be a distinct trend.

  • Pizza Week 1 was all about peppers and chorizo.
  • Pizza Week 2 we bought extra peppers, but the trendy pizza muncher had moved to ham and mushroom.
  • Pizza Week 3 we maxed out on mushroom, but the blighters were all after ham and pineapple.
  • Pizza Week 4, we were there with a ton of pineapple but the movers and shakers were all on anchovy and black olive

In the absence of horse racing I am thinking of running a book on the next big thing….

3 thoughts on “Pizza Pizzaz

  1. And we love them! Thank you. Wow look at your hair Karen it looks great, have you been chopping it? And freckles!! You look well on lockdown and retirement. Xx



  2. We are laughing because it is all so true if you look at the Brydons and their choices.
    As we thought our last choice was so tasty we are sticking with the rich mixture of anchovies and chorizo but so you know , we are going to give the olives a miss and give capers a swing ,so tipping you off.
    At least you could have the pineapple for your dessert!
    Thank you for all for your efforts.


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