In the garden today

The Wisteria has just started to flower and there is a gloriously spicy smell wafting along the patio. It is all of a jumble as we always intend to prune it properly and never do…

By the bottom pond the blue camassia is going back, but the white ones are just about ready to come out. I have been putting in a few clumps of blue aconitum scrounged from mum today, to keep the blue going later in the year. I have tried delphinium before but with no success. The snails have them every time. I am thinking that aconitum are poisons so might finish off any predatory gastropods…. I have also suckered myself into delphinium seeds for another go. Raymond next door always has a fabulous display so clearly it IS possible.

Our ceanothus is also fully out and spectacular, albeit listing perilously to the right. I can feel a Heath Robinson style shrub support coming on…. In the hot garden, and along the leftover border, the poppies are having their moment in the sun. They don’t last long, but they are just so perfectly red, not a trace of pink or purple just true red.

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