Summer Sloth

The bees are very busy in the garden, but I am still mainly in stocktaking mode (a job that can be pleasingly completed in a lounger, coffee and a cake to hand, whilst watching the swallows and housemartins dive-bomb the pond).

I had been planning to have a serious go at the clover by the edge of the pond, but the bees do love it and I do love the bees so I think perhaps not. The thistles and buttercups are another matter, however, and I have actually bestirred myself to yank two barrowloads out. How could there be so many though? I could swear that I eradicated them from the self same spots in March. And they were not definitely there last week. They grow by stealth, appearing fully formed. The Coos are very happy with my ceaseless war on buttercups. Despite having an entire field of grass to eat, the weeding dumped on the compost heap are the tastiest morsels. After my last deposit little Wonky positively sprinted across the field to be first on the top to get the best pickings.

The beds in the gravel garden I plan to dig out and redo are having a last hurrah in an attempt to dissuade me, but my mind is made up. I have some seedlings of dierama in the greenhouse in mind for there and I have plans for ever more allium. Spaces have also now been cleared by the stream and the bottom pond for the lupins, lysimachia and echinacea I am bringing on from seed. I hope that there will be sufficient of the seedlings spared from the greenhouse snail’s depredations to fill them. A snail pub is opening in the Ruthven Crystal Palace tonight…..

2 thoughts on “Summer Sloth

  1. Oh, definitely keep the clover! But buttercup is part of a worldwide stealth conspiracy to take over the planet. I can’t imagine what Burnside looks like now with no one tending it. I try not to think about it. This morning I replaced the soil in the morning glory with just commercial compost as the plants looked so sick. Here’s hoping it works. Longing to see you and your garden but I will be heading stateside on Tuesday probably for a stay with my sister who had a bad fall on Sunday. 7 teeth have had to be removed.


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