Corran and the glen

The last full day of the holiday started a little dull, but steadily picked up over the day. There was some slothful mooching about in the cottage in the morning (fully justified by the step count of the day before) but by three we were set to head off again. This time we drove up through Arnisdale and Corran, left the car and took the path up the glen. By this time the afternoon sun was up and the sky bright blue.

Once we were past the village, Lyra was off the lead and darted to and fro in a most puppy like manner. She seems to have a particular passion for peaty mud puddles, which show off delightfully against her blonde coat. However, the path then turned to the river and she was straight in, jumping and splashing so that we had a clean, if soggy, dog again. We strolled on for a while in the sunshine and idled on the bridge over the river scouting for fish, of which there were many. It was hard to say whether they were trout or salmon, but definitely a good old number.

Eventually we turned back. By the time we got to the car the sun was low and glancing off the water in the bay sending it all a sparkle. There were two kayaks out and we sat like old codgers on the bench watching them for a while. I’m not sure there is a prettier spot than Corran on a sunny day.

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