The Coo Circular

Whilst the hedgerows are all still a little bare we have taken to walking Lyra in the Hirsel. There is a magnificent display of daffodils and the added attraction of new calves. We have been there so often recently, to catch up with “the boys” and spy out the new babies, the regular quick walk past the two cow fields has been dubbed the “Coo Circular”. On days where there is more time to meander, the Hirsel “mega jumbo walk” is completed. This one takes in the woods and a visit to the bull, a very affable animal who appreciates a chat. The woods are especially lovely at the moment as the wild garlic has come through and primroses and wood anemones are peeping out all over. Taking the coo mothers’ circle as inspiration I have knitted horns for Ishbel’s long promised Coo Hat. Thus far I have affixed the horns and knitted one ear. Ensuring the horns are pointing and not dangling is presenting a logistical challenge but I feel sure that the next rainy day and a bar of whole nut should see me through to a solution.

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