All the pretty ladies

Sunday morning broke to the first proper snowfall in December that we’ve seen for years. Naturally I was straight out casting for the starring role in next year’s Christmas Cards (this years are purchased and sit languishing on the library desk). I thought the lovely models deserved a post to themselves so here are the runners and riders.

There was much moody looking into the distance by Snouty and synchronised pouting by Wendy and Shuna. Catriona was rather more interested in a ” who has the longest fringe competition” with Lachlan (she lost, but a trim has been scheduled!). Lyra, after some initial Greta Garbo looks, decided the snow was much more interesting and simply ran round and round like a total loon. New to the catwalks this year, and performing strongly, were Rick and Alison’s lovely Shetland ponies (Lachlan is totally smitten). We will be spoiled for choice I think.

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