Poorly patient update

Ishbel has been in touch to let us know that she has likely come down with the virus (cough, fever etc) so she has taken to bed and is isolating. I had a reassuring FaceTime call just now and she seems a bit better than first thing. Rather hot and bothered, and considering the momentous step of changing from her winter PJs to the summer ones. Last night the poor thing felt so awful she couldn’t face cooking tea so dined on “bunny crumpets” (seemingly an easter delicacy – I have googled them and the Asda ones are rather sinister). Friend Jane is lined up to deliver pizza in extremis, which may be soon as there are only 4 bunny crumpets left.

3 thoughts on “Poorly patient update

  1. I’m not sure how to do this but hopefully you’ll get this but not on the correct format I feel. I’m delighted to hear Ishbel is managing to eat as in my naive way I feel this shows she’s doing ok, just. I have a few friends who’s children (older) have had it and recovered well. The up side being they can now go out and about normally. Your garden is amazing, where I have one little primula, struggling, you have a whole bunch! Also it’s much further on than mine. I love hearing your chat, but I think I need a lesson on how to post !! More later, with my news.



  2. Poor Ishbel, but in her job it is almost a given that sh would be infected. I was very ill after my trip to Paris and a 9 hour wait in Birmingham airport, and Alice thinks I had the virus. But my symptoms involved no fever and no headache , just lung crud for which I had to get an antibiotic. It lasted a long time, but then I suppose I’m in the “age-vulnerable “ category.


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