Frozen fingers

First thing it was gloriously sunny but by the time I had completed my plongeur duties (Lachlan cooked so dinner was great but every mortal pan, chopping board and piece of kitchen apparatus was used and stacked in the sink for yours truly) the sun had departed and it was freezing. However, the bottom border was not going to weed itself. It is proving slow progress. Everything got quite overgrown last year so this time around there is a lot of splitting up and rehoming to be done. After several hours I had only done one teeny patch. However the good news is that the aconitum mum gave me in the autumn (which have been parked in a sack against the back wall since then) are fine and sprouting so have filled a gap left by a disappearing lupin. Wandering around later I spotted the first of the fritillaria (growing in the wrong place but I haven’t the heart to move them) and the red primula, the quince and the hellebores are still pretty jolly. I have a ton of hellebore seedlings if anyone wants some potted up. There are some giant frogs in the pond so I am also expecting plenty of frogspawn should anyone want some of that…

2 thoughts on “Frozen fingers

  1. You are much further forward than we are up here. My few bulbs are up but staying clamped shut! I would love some hellebores if they can be saved somehow until we are allowed to encounter closely again. Your garden looks lovely and I long to see it.


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