Space and air

I took a brief break from oiling the wheels of industry this afternoon to stock up on essential supplies. Vegetarianism is staved off for now thanks to Foreman’s of Norham and we now have some compost so the vegetable guru is back in action.

We detoured with the dog to Cocklawburn beach on the way back to use up the daily walk entitlement. A few small groups dotted about and one cyclist had clearly had the same idea. We studiously avoided one another, but there was plenty of space.

Lyra the pup has yet to fully grasp the fetching element of playing fetch, which made excellent exercise for Lachlan.

2 thoughts on “Space and air

  1. The joy of living in the low populated Borders. How I’m rather interested that the name of Cocklawburn has been changed, didn’t you like it or am I wrong??!!



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