Focus group required…

I volunteered a new entertainment idea yesterday to promote family harmony. “Why not” I suggested “select a box set and watch one episode together, on the big telly, with the dog, at 7pm every night”. After some teeth sucking it was conceded that this was an OK suggestion.

I had not seen Breaking Bad and mooted this, to some approval from Lachlan. Too edgy in the current situation Keith thought. Lachlan noted that, whilst stressful, there is little in common between cooking crystal meth and an epidemic, after all we were not suggesting House.

“House, that would be OK” Keith declared. “But, but…….. ” we said “it is about people being sick and beyond medical help”. “Ah” said Keith “but it is Hugh Laurie”.

Debate ensued. The outcome -we are each to devise a long list which will be agonisingly cut to an agreed short list then put forward to an appropriate focus group…volunteers required.

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