the Birthday Party (apologies to Pinter)

Lachlan was 21 yesterday and we celebrated in compliance with official guidance.

Home made cards and decorations festooned the house- the old curtain bunting finally finding its role. Presents have largely been held over until the right kind of shops reopen. it is clear that the right kind of shops are the expensive ones. However I feel my stop gap of a half completed welly sock was much appreciated.

Dinner for three in the dining room in the evening, with Ishbel on speakerphone. Lyra came too but had to be ejected after pooping in the corner out of the sheer excitement of getting into the dining room.

We took a course each and Keith’s starter of Wuhan seabass (garnished with a strepsil) was inspirational.

The party may have been virtual but the washing up and, if I am honest, slight headache were all too real.

One thought on “the Birthday Party (apologies to Pinter)

  1. Love it Karen 👏🏻👏🏻 Hilarious. Happy birthday to Lachlan. I was going to take a couple of photos of pond, however it was so full and primulas aren’t quite out, so if you can wait. Xx



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