Covid Management Update

The denizens of Ruthven and their families continue to thrive, Covid 19 notwithstanding.

Ishbel is back on her feet, has finished knitting yet another scarf and will be back at work on Monday. The bunny crumpets have run out….

Lachlan has volunteered for something. He is not entirely sure for what but has submitted his passport and awaits instructions. No task too large – If BoJo takes a turn for the worse, frankly, I would prefer Lachlan to Dominic Raab (who has always struck me as having the empathy and self-awareness of a hemorrhoid).

Anne next door’s son has taken to shopping dressed as Spiderman (see above).

The Pub was giving away its remaining real ale before it went off today so Keith took his walk of the day (in the car) to the pub and secured a good 8 pints worth. As community service a pint was delivered to Raymond next door (from a safe distance).

I have finally completed the jumper from hell. First the blue wool ran out and I had to rip out the front and redesign it as two tone. Then there was still not enough blue so I had to shorten the back to recycle some blue to get the front up to the shoulders. Then the bloody grey ran out and I had to come up with a whole new neck line. Anyhow for better or worse it is done (and I had to grovel in the bottom of the sewing box for enough wool to cast off). My friend Liz would say this is what comes of not using a pattern and the designated wool, but where would be the fun in that I ask you…..

There was a glimmer of sun, so weeding was almost pleasant. It is a big garden to manage and my weeding technique (such as it is) at this time of year, is to focus on where there are some bulbs or other pretty things coming through, and then to weed round them like mad – on the basis I can get to the rest later. (in fact, what happens is that later on it becomes abundantly clear there is no hope of weeding it all and I just give up).

Today I spotted the little bronze primula coming out in the upper stream bed so started there. Naturally it took all day to get a square metre done (we have muscular buttercups and the aquilegia and astrantia had self seeded everywhere. I had to split and recycle them before getting on. (I can’t bear to just pull out healthy plants so they get rehomed on the back track).

It is blue season – the early clematis are up and running and the anemone de Caen are coming out by the pond (I am always amazed by how hardy they are).

In the library bed the erythronium are about to pop and`Eddisbury (the king of acers) is sending out new leaves.

In the nuttery we have early species tulips and wood anemone. (It is nearly a swamp in there so quite astonishing quite how they survive. )

In all this gardening activity I lost my reading specs – possibly under a barrow load of compost. Spares are due to arrive imminently however, although I see from my tracking email that they were posted from China so who knows….!

3 thoughts on “Covid Management Update

  1. I just love reading this, so cheerful although I can’t see a photo of spider man!! Sorry spider woman or more correctly spider person! There are long trails of frog spawn in the pond and I look at them everyday hoping they will hatch, I’ve no idea how long that takes ( must go on the google) and desperate that they do. William was 6 today so we went up and watched from a good distance while they built a den in the wood. I made a banner out of old wall paper saying happy birthday William, about 15 feet long so he could see it at a distance. Went down well. Keep the blog coming. Loving the lighter night. Take care. Judy xx



  2. Lots of chuckles from this end of the swamp, really enjoying the blog. Also, that jumper is awesome! No pattern? Jeez, I need a pattern for a scarf! However, I am knitting a cardigan for a two year old so that isn’t too taxing. I’m full of garden envy, just drooling at the images of your early blossoms, and hoping to see it one day.


  3. Lovely jumper, Tom thinks it’s classy and loves the colour combination! Unique! No patterns for you. Give Ishbel our best wishes. Lachlan what can I say, we missed your special day. You know we wish you all the very best and will make it up to you when we can all get together again. The garden photographs are as always beautiful! It’s uplifting to see them so thank you for your efforts Karen. X

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