Not Fetch, but larceny

Lyra has not fully grasped the concept of “fetch”. After an endless performance of waving your arms about like a loony trying to attract her attention to a stick or ball or even Evil Penguin” she will often deign to go and pick it up. However, rather than bring it back she will hare past you taking the offending item to the unreachable place under the plum tree for a good worry. Indeed, this rather inspired the latest silly children’s story below (which are amusing me greatly and likely far more than any poor under eight’s exposed to them).

Taking, on the other hand, comes naturally. Lyra is currently implicated in:

  • the penguin underpants which were to be found in differing garden locations over the last few weeks
  • the strange disappearance of one out of six lovingly made arancini which I was just about to fry;
  • the unrequested gift of a juggling Christmas pudding to Anne and Raymond (received back with thanks today)
  • the presence in the middle of the field of a fluffy green slipper.

It is to be hoped that the training regime is ramped up so that the Puppy Panel does not need to be convened.

2 thoughts on “Not Fetch, but larceny

  1.  Now far be it for me to give you dog training advice with a neighbour like Raymond, however that’s never stopped me. So….. lie on the ground and Lyra won’t be able to resist and will come back to huge praise. Walk away and never chase a dog. Also you shouldn’t throw sticks for dogs, too many incidents of them catching sticks down their throat. I have a dog trainer friend and I’ve gleaned lots over the years. Hopefully not standing on Raymond’s toes!! Xx



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