Not quite Daktari

Does anyone remember the African vet show with the hero in a slightly dodgy safari suit? Well today was pretty much nothing like that. However I did “rescue” one of our feathered friends……

Today was a working from home day. Resplendent in my new office attire of ancient T shirt, cashmere lounging bottoms (what can I say, they were in a sale and my God they are comfy) and matching desert boots I was sweltering away in the office. (The office is all glass windows. This afternoon it was like the Tenko punishment glasshouses. ) The wheels of industry were ever turning when Keith came in to announce there was a concussed bird at the door. It was pegged out on the ground but moving slightly. I asked warily if he wanted me to finish it off or to resuscitate it. “Just do something” he barked and strode off to do manly things with a wheelbarrow.

I picked up the little fellow and, not to claim healing hands or anything, it perked up. After a brief tour of the the lawn as reorientation I put him/her down on a stone. Half an hour later it was gone (hopefully not as an afternoon cat snack).

It remains to be seen whether there will be treecreeper clapping at 8pm on Thursday.

One thought on “Not quite Daktari

  1. Defo claim healing hands Karen! I need you to turn my (the frogs not actually mine) frog spawn into tadpoles. I look every day but nothing happens. 3 weeks apparently but I wonder if it’s been fertilised? I can’t believe I’ve become obsessed by frog spawn!! Xx



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