A touch of sun

Four solid days in the garden. I am, as they say, Kerry Packered.

But what a difference a bit of sun makes! Friday and Saturday were pretty cold and it was fairly grim hauling the buttercups out of the icy clay soil by the pond. I resolved, therefore, to finish by three today and make time for other pursuits. Well the sun came out so it was about 5 by the time I headed for the bath. Everything looks infinitely better when backlit by a little evening sun.

The early species tulips are mostly out now and looking much better than the standard ones which, thus far anyway, seem a bit raggy in the leaf department. We have terribly heavy soil, so it could be that, or it could be the wind blowing a gale (which is a more or less permanent state of affairs here). The peonies are up now, save one missing in action (size 11 footprints nearby, I have my suspicions). We have 2 clematis in flower , the quince is still lovely and the euphorbia in the gravel garden is giving me the evil eye.

The gardening day ended with me lolling in the bath, with a ham sandwich as I had never got around to lunch, thinking about what needs moving where. I can’t quite bear to throw things out, so when anything gets too big and needs splitting I spend ages trying to find homes for the extra bits. A plan is forming…

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