The Long Good Friday

It has been a well night perfect gardening day. Warm but not crazy hot and no wind to speak of. There was also no barrowing of compost to do – which I rather think may have been the clincher…

My just in time weeding system required action at the top pond today. Some pink tulips had come out amidst a sea of grass and a mysterious abandoned flower pot and a new peony was being choked by the inevitable axis of buttercups and dock which thrive on our clay soil. I have carefully weeded and mulched around the flowers and cropped all the unweeded bits from the photos. Their time will come if they can deliver a bit of floral action.

Keith and Lachlan have been splitting the fallen beech tree that has been lying at the bottom of the garden (in the area zoned for the Tractor superhighway roundabout) for the last 5 years (or possibly more). I left them attempting to light a fire, aided by Lyra who was running off with the paper and kindling.

We have a bottle of rosé for a drink on the gin terrace when the lumberjacks are finished. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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