Tempus Fugit

Yesterday saw the first barbecue of the season. To escape the smoke we repaired to the gin terrace for pre barbecue drinks and nibbles. (Lachlan had made vol-au-vents – lockdown is pushing his culinary efforts ever onwards). It was crystal clear (above the smoke level) and the Cheviot stood out sharply. Even Lyra admired the view.

Today I was fully resolved just to give the garden and hour and to spend the rest of the day in other pursuits. In particular, the ironing mountain is now 3/4 the way up the wall and a landslide looks possible. I popped out after breakfast and made it back at 5pm. So much for other pursuits……..

But the bees were buzzing and one thing led to another. The one bit of weeding I was going to do led to a giant hole which then needed dug over and filled with compost. Once dug over there was a need to fill the hole with some spare achillea. That then made the next bit over look weedy by contrast (repeat performance X2). Walking back, I noticed the tulips had come out in the bottom border which shamed me into finishing the cutting back. (There are now dumpy bags all over the garden filled with pruning). After that I thought some of the trimmings might come away as cuttings. I had some potting mix left after disposing of these so potted on some sad seedlings that had been left in the greenhouse over the winter and went out to gather a few extra cuttings.

You see how it goes…

I hope there is some bubble bath left.

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