When in a grump..

Yesterday was a scratchy day for everyone. It was chilly so gardening didn’t sound fun (though the tulips are nice at the front). There was a stack of ironing to do and I had to set up an iPad for my mum.

Actually the ironing wasn’t so bad – once I had reset the Napster password (which had inexplicably changed) and found a playlist I powered through quite a lot. Ironing quality was, to be objective, distinctly poor to remedial. But I feel this is a good thing as it reduces the incentive for anyone to suggest I take the job on permanently after retiring.

It was the iPad that was the disaster – what a performance it was. I’m sure things like that should be easier, but retrieving the passwords for everything and reloading seemed to take an age. I was like a cat rubbed the wrong way by the time it was done.

I had volunteered to make dinner from leftovers in the fridge and so went to town on that to get rid of the gremlins and was really quite pleased with the results (see recipe in my recipe blog which is at the bottom of the site home page ).

Today it was nicer out but still a bit chilly and again I couldn’t settle somehow. I even tidied the wellies in the porch (this is more of a task than you might imagine as the porch is a repository of every old boot, shoe and slipper anyone has ever posessed (and none can be thrown out)).

Finally I dug out the paints and had a go at a friend’s dog. Still work in progress, but definitely getting there.

I think the moral of the tale is that when I am in a grump (a) I may as well get the odd lousy job done as there’s no good mood to lose and (b) I am much improved for making something.

6 thoughts on “When in a grump..

  1. The dog looks good but I think he is looking at your pile of ironing after you had finished trying to appraise it. Bet you have captured his look though
    Outdoor painting of furniture going on at The Dovecote and Raymond has ordered a whelping box on line. As cheap as making one,anyway better things to do like playing trivial pursuits and drinking wine.
    So another month of Lockdown coming up we reckon, so better up the game and achieve more.
    Tulips coming out this end too.


  2. Karen….. you have a talent (well more than one) your dog painting is fab!! Funny about your mood, both Katie and I hit a wall today, I was so shattered I spent the best part of the afternoon in the conservatory on the settee feeling out of sorts. It will pass. If it’s mild (er) tomorrow I might venture up for a isolated garden walk. I’ll let you know. Do you have a house number? Pizza on Thursday yum!! Judy xx



  3. Good painting Karen. I imagine that was the most enjoyable part of the day! Good to see you are able to keep on top of the ironing! 😂 it’s always better done to music. Hope Keith and Lachlan doing their share?


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