Planning ahead

Friends and neighbours will know that this month is my last at work, and I am retiring at the end of the month to devote myself to a life of gardening, bizarre sewing and knitting projects, dodgy artwork and intermittent sloth. In these last few work days I have been mainly winding things down, handing them over and getting the long overdue admin sorted. There has also been some forward planning to get my insurance and tax affairs repatriated and so on. All very high on the tedium spectrum I’m afraid.

The more enjoyable forward planning has taken place in the greenhouse. Extra cuttings have been added to the plant hospital, self seeded lavender from the gravel garden has been grubbed up and potted on and I have sown the chilli, the bell pepper and the aubergines. The ground is too baked and hard for weeding just now, but there’s plenty of potential for potting up and propagating.

Given the continuing sunny weather, I have also put in place a minor, but clearly essential, improvement to my garrett, which I hope to be using extensively in the coming weeks.

6 thoughts on “Planning ahead

  1. That’s a very good sloth recliner you have there Karen I hope you do get the opportunity to use it! You may have to have selective deafness when Keith shouts for assistance! 🤣😂


  2. Your plans put me to shame, not to mention my “garden”. Safe to say I won’t be opening to the public any time soon. Please save me some lavender.


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