It’s glorious, it must be a Monday

Don’t get me wrong, I’m lucky I can work from home and am not facing unemployment or a massive drop off in my normal income. Let’s take this as read.

I do, however, really struggle with sticking at it on a very sunny day. It’s fine if there’s a crisis brewing and I can pull the underpants over the leggings, fashion a cape from a tea towel and save the day. However, when there’s just a stack of overdue admin (entirely my own fault) and a bit of wrestling with IT to be done, it is not made easier by malicious birds singing and dancing in the sunshine outside the office window.

Inside the office, where the door is firmly closed against both relieving breezes and predatory dogs bent on my toast, the temperature has outstripped the greenhouse. (Ah the greenhouse, where there are little plants to nurture rather than missing timesheets to fill in…).

Video meetings bring an added risk level in this heat. Too much flesh if I ditch the cardi? Is the camera angle overly revealing? Am I glowing ostentatiously???? If I switch the camera off will everyone think I am in the bath??

Oh well, the Pip the Lemon tree is in seventh heaven, it thinks it’s Grenada…..

One thought on “It’s glorious, it must be a Monday

  1. Your sacrifices make for very funny reading Karen. Keeping us all amused at this time has to earn you some brownie points! 😂


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