Granny’s Bonnets

Well, I can’t think my mum has ever sported anything quite so frilly. However, due to the lockdown her regular hairdresser’s appointment has been missed and I believe the sun hat is now clamped firmly on to disguise the errant locks……

Aquilegia season is here. Love them or hate them, they get everywhere at this time of year. I have a three or four designated areas in the garden proper, where they are allowed to run amok – though I try to hoof out the pink ones from the blue zone. However they persist in appearing where they are not supposed to be and a quick half hour light weeding the front ended up in a three hour tussle with the massed ranks of the common or garden navy blue ones. There are still some to get out but it calls for the spade……

There’s a rather nice white one that appears by the pond and I mean every year to save seed and try to get it going round the back of the hot bed (which is supposed to be mostly white but I see a random calendula has infiltrated there). By the time I get to collecting seed I have invariably forgotten which is which but this year I am definitely going to tie a label on it. Definitely. I will not forget.

We’ve had a thundery couple of days, bringing a little much needed rain. Unfortunately there has not been enough bad weather to keep me at the indoor jobs that continue to stack up. Keith does not seem in any way troubled by the perilous piles of ironing and unopened post. The other day he spent a happy hour researching the history of fence post knocker machines, which he relayed to me over coffee yesterday morning after I had forayed briefly into the ironing foothills. I disgraced myself today by forgetting the UK centre of post knocker manufacturing. It is a small world – turns out Raymond next door went to school with the inventor…

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