Cloots Away!

This is a public safety update. The first opening hawthorn blossom was spotted a couple of days ago. Cloots may therefore be cast in safety. I look forward to increased knobbly kneeage as Lyra and I make our rounds. We are now close to peak oilseed rape. The sweet, musky smell is al pervasive (snoringContinue reading “Cloots Away!”

Granny’s Bonnets

Well, I can’t think my mum has ever sported anything quite so frilly. However, due to the lockdown her regular hairdresser’s appointment has been missed and I believe the sun hat is now clamped firmly on to disguise the errant locks…… Aquilegia season is here. Love them or hate them, they get everywhere at thisContinue reading “Granny’s Bonnets”

It’s all bright and blowsy out there

As you come through the orchard you catch a glimpse of the orange, pink and yellow tulips in the rose garden and it is fabulous. I am coming to the conclusion that the bolder and bawdier the better for tulips. The bulbs are also out in spades in the library bed – and doing betterContinue reading “It’s all bright and blowsy out there”

Tomorrow was indeed another day

After a day in the doldrums on Tuesday, the sun came out yesterday and lifted everyone’s mood. The weather sage (Keith – he looks at the forecast rather than cat pictures on twitter) had predicted this and we had already planned to abandon all cooking and have a takeaway to maximise time outside. It wasContinue reading “Tomorrow was indeed another day”