Captain Birdseye has left the building

Momentous news. Keith’s lockdown beard has gone. This is a massive improvement – the only downside is that, in his own words, the absence of beard highlights the messiness of the hair. But I am not one to quibble. I am more than glad to say farewell facial hair. If this is prompted by the mandatory mask in shops requirement just introduced in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has my profound thanks.

It has been a rainy old day and, in light of the new mask wearing rules, I have been sewing away, knocking up a few extra masks for the menfolk who have thus far not favoured them. I have added a plain black Zorro number to the range, in the hope that the Antonio Banderas look will tempt them into compliance. I have also churned out no less than 36 lavender bags ready for the harvest in a few weeks, (assuming the rain goes off!). By way of accompaniment to this hive of activity I downloaded a playlist called “sew list” on Napster. Listening to someone else’s music choices is almost as good as raiding a stranger’s bookshelf (one of the highlights of past summer holiday’s in rented villas). I know not which keen sewer compiled this, but their taste is both excellent and eclectic – everything from Dr Dre through Jimi Hendrix to Nancy Sinatra and Leonard Cohen, with some particularly interesting French numbers dotted through. This one is an absolute corker I am most definitely saving this list.

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