Hokey Cokey

We have had a classic Scottish summer day – all conceivable forms of weather save for snow – high winds, light mist, bright sunshine and monsoon. Every time I had found an activity suited to the prevailing weather conditions they did a 180 degree turn. In out, in out, shake it all about…..

I started off with a little light dead heading in a windy, but sunny, rose garden. I decided that the spent petals were too lovely to waste so I now have two trays of petals drying with a view to pot pourri.

Later, wandering along by the pond I noticed that one of last year’s cosmos had seeded into the path and there were some quite promising seedlings in the middle of the thoroughfare. The quest for place to regime them morphed into a general weed in the gravel garden and along the back. By the time I had a barrow load ready for the heap, the wind had dropped but there was a rather penetrating mizzle. I plodded on to the heap, stopping to chat to Keith, Lachlan, Laura and Eilidh at the gate on the way back. (Keith was trying to convince Eilidh that she really wanted to grovel under the butterfly netting to weed his brassicas. In fact, it was perfectly clear that what she wanted to do was catch a toad to add to her impressive collection gathered (as apparently this is the best time) on the recent full moon. I feel Keith does not fully understand the motivations of eight year olds).

Just at that moment the heavens opened and we all had to cram into the greenhouse. Lyra came too. It is not a small greenhouse, but right at the moment it is packed with plants so it was shades of the “phone box” challenges of yore. We made the most of the opportunity and “made space” by convincing Laura to leave with a tray of brassicas, two peppers and a tomato plant. This is the gardening equivalent of giving away your chutney….

The sun came out for a last little wander round. We have acquired some lovely deep pinky red opium poppies. They never grow where I scatter the seed and the colours are a lottery, but I do love them.

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