Sit Rep T-4

I have decided to provide a series of brief news flash updates as the Christmas situation develops.

Yesterday all was gloom. After the latest announcements, it was clear that Ishbel was stuck in Surrey on her own for the duration. She had a brief weep then volunteered to work Christmas Day and Boxing Day, swapping shifts with a colleague. That’s my girl. Keith plunged into general misery and syllables had to be painfully extracted one by one. I threw myself into decanting as much of Christmas as was portable into a box to be sent express. We collected a tree but had not the heart to decorate. In the evening we went to the pub with Tractor Tom and Sweet Sue for a last hurrah before it closes for the duration. I was on the large ones. Mein Host was sympathetic.

Today we are galvanised for action. Lachlan has wrestled the fairy lights of colour from the garage and tonight’s the night. Keith and I are motoring to Perth to collect assorted ham and pork items, ordered when our usual Welsh ham supplier proved to have sold out unaccountably early. (The Perth chaps were unwilling to deliver having had problems with couriers in the past hence the jolly). I am sufficiently excited by the road trip that I have brushed my hair, eschewed the yoga top for a proper bra and added a squirt of perfume. (Strange days indeed).

I was up with the lark and the final sleeve has made it to 74 stitches. I get to cast off and start the raglan at 80. I am regretting that I resolved to make the “plain bit” a deceptively simple looking fairisle (offset dots every 3 rows) as all the twisting and flipping doesn’t half slow one down. Looks nice though.

My parcelling has been dissed. Keith sent Lachlan to the post office this morning for parcel tape and the box is now thoroughly mummified. He added so much tape it covered the label and the box had to be readdressed. Ishbel will have a fine old time getting in. She may need to steal a scalpel from work.

The coos are in excellent spirits having been given a new bale of straw and some treats. They decline, however, to wear baubles for a Christmas photo shoot. Primadonnas.

Inexplicably, now we are just about to leave, Keith has decided that is the right time to make hot water crust pastry.

Over and out.

One thought on “Sit Rep T-4

  1. Ah Karen, I’m so sorry Ishbel isn’t coming home, neither is Sarah and I’m with Keith on the general air of misery. But really good for her to volunteer. She deserves an extra big hug and present when you see her. I’m gutted that my little 4 grandchildren that get on so well won’t be together causing much fun and games. William has spent ages writing a games list for them and the ones in the south have been making cards. I keep myself sane (!!??) by thinking of friends who have lost children and won’t ever see them again. So we are the lucky ones in many ways. Take care and hopefully we can catch up once the 25th is past With love Judy Ps nights are starting to come out now, yippee!!



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