I have finally sat down with a gin and tonic and my feet are gently throbbing. However, I think the initiative has been regained.

Monkey’s jumper is complete – so that’s the most important thing done.

Wrapping paper has been plastered on anything that looked like it might be a present and some that did not. Nothing has been labelled so that will add to the fun.

Keith’s new pork pie technique seems to be working and this year’s are highly impressive. There has been much less sturm and drang in the manufacturing process than usual, which has contributed greatly to the festive atmosphere.

Keith and I ventured out this afternoon with trug and spade to source the Christmas veg. It was perishing cold. Snouty and Shuna kindly ate the tops of the beetroot (destined for beetroot gravadlax) to save me from having to cart them to the compost heap – such thoughtful girls. I think Santa will be bring them sugar beet pellets. The ponds have quite frozen over and it is very strange to see the last waterlily buds poking through the ice.

I have gone scandi / japanesey with the Christmas flowers. There wasn’t too much in the shop so I had to pad out with what I could find in the garden. I had intended to pick some of the amazing still flowering roses but left it too late and didn’t fancy grovelling in the borders in the dark. Less is more. Marie Kondo would be proud.

I have two types of stuffing and a vat of herby butter waiting for the assembly of the turkey tomorrow and a bowl of emergency onion confit (always handy). A lagoon of lentil soup is thickening on the side. By morning we should be able to stand on it, as it should be. The mystery pudding is half made and in the freezer. I even made a tray of mince pies and miraculously not one stuck to the side of the tin. Its all looking rather organised. Anything that’s been forgotten will stay forgotten and we will be concentrating on having a lovely day.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Karen X

2 thoughts on “T-1

  1. I like less is more they look as though done by a professional! 😂 where you find the time to do all these things beats me! Sleep well tonight and have a lovely day. Merry Christmas.


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