Cloots Away!

This is a public safety update. The first opening hawthorn blossom was spotted a couple of days ago. Cloots may therefore be cast in safety. I look forward to increased knobbly kneeage as Lyra and I make our rounds.

We are now close to peak oilseed rape. The sweet, musky smell is al pervasive (snoring levels are likewise increasing). In the hedgerows the scrog apples and cherries are glorious and wild currants and gooseberries abound. It looks like the birds will have another good autumn. There are clouds of blue forget-me-nots all along our favourite paths and the red campions are starting to appear. In the shade of the woods there is a haze of bluebells and everywhere crazily unfurling ferns. Lyra has also spotted a few squirrels. The last stare out lasted a good 5 minutes. The squirrel looked away first so we count that a win. Down in the ditches and damper spots the water avens hare and cuckoo flowers are having their moment in the sun.

The warm and wet weather seems to have had a soporific effect on the coos though. Much dozing in the sun observed at the Hirsel and at home, unless you are shaking a pot of cow treats (when sprinting may be observed), there is also much bovine idling.

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