Reasons to be cheerful part 4

I am smiling to myself as I type, with the lyrics to Part 3 running round my head. You have to love a bit of Ian Dury and the Blockheads ( And this week I have many reasons to be cheerful. Gourmet Sunday, over all, went off well, and I have therefore been relieved ofContinue reading “Reasons to be cheerful part 4”

Another year older and madder

Yesterday was my birthday. And a very fine day it was too. The sun was out and so were we. Ishbel and I took Lyra for a bijou walkette after (or half way through in Ishbel’s case) breakfast, whilst Lachlan had classes, and we scoped out the elderberry bushes for a planned afternoon foraging trip.Continue reading “Another year older and madder”

Another lockdown birthday

Wednesday saw Keith’s 66th. The festivities commenced at breakfast with indecent quantities of sausage. The now traditional bunting was still out (it has now been agreed that we may as well leave it up until my retirement celebration at the end of the month). Home made cards and wellington themed gifts were produced. Lachlan rustledContinue reading “Another lockdown birthday”