Somewhat stressful

We lost contact with Ishbel today. We tried phoning, FaceTime, texting, Facebook – I even stalked her Facebook friends to see if I could find one who could pop in. By 2.30 Keith had cracked and phoned the Surrey police in case she had expired all alone in a fever. At 2.32 she answered the phone to her brother. What was all the fuss, she had the phone on silent mode and had been fast asleep after a rather torrid night…………The police were very nice about it all.

Yes she did feel better and breakfast was to be further bunny crumpets followed by ice cream.

I did feel rather silly afterwards, but it is hard not knowing….

2 thoughts on “Somewhat stressful

  1. That is completely understandable and glad she’s ok. Ian , when at uni rang and said he was ill, I was so worried I told George to get ready we were going to get him home. We rang just before we left and eventually he answered, what’s all that noise I said….. oh I’m at football training he said!!!!!! It’s not always easy being a parent!! Xx



  2. Totally not silly to take action when she is far away and poorly. We are all concerned about her. Last thing she needs to do is “entertain the world” as my late brother-in- law once said. I just sent a care package to Rosemary in London. She can’t even get paracetamol.


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