I was wending my way back from weeding when out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement in the pond. On further inspection it was absolutely hotching with frogs looking for some action. They were singing away and bobbing up and down to attract the ladeez. Indeed as I was heading back to the house to recharge my phone (because you never have any juice when there is anything to photograph obviously) a giant warty frog (or toad – not entirely sure) waddled across the pond stepping stones with 3 smaller ones clinging on to him/her; one on the back and 2 hanging underneath. By the time I had 10% the walking cluster(add your own suffix) had dropped into the water and I then spent a good half hour dangling over the pond watching the show. I also saw a few newts but frankly they were tame in comparison with the frog orgy. We now have 2 big blobs of frogspawn. It is a far cry from The Wind in the Willows.

5 thoughts on “Pondlife

    1. Thanks, I noticed that she looked a bit fed up after a while. After finally extricating herself by shaking them off she scuttled under a rock. The smaller ones (males I suppose) took op position around the rock ready to pounce.


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