It’s all bright and blowsy out there

As you come through the orchard you catch a glimpse of the orange, pink and yellow tulips in the rose garden and it is fabulous. I am coming to the conclusion that the bolder and bawdier the better for tulips.

The bulbs are also out in spades in the library bed – and doing better for the removal of a diseased cherry. This has let much more light into the back and, as well as illuminating the weeds nicely, this has done wonders for the bulbs in there. We have a species peony out there too and the funny wrinkly green primulas .

Lockdown has put a crimp on nursery visits so, pending arrival of the seeds and much growth thereof, it is more a case of splitting and recycling, than adding brand new plants. Luckily, having more time to wander around the garden than usual, I am coming to the conclusion that I quite like the effect of repetition. It is soothing. It is an interesting challenge to group the same plants in different ways to get different effects. A restricted pallet often produces better results!

Today’s great discovery, however, was culinary. Lachlan brought home a jar of peanut butter and marmite mixture the other day. I have been trying it out. It is particularly nice when you eat it with something sweet. Toasted Selkirk Bannock was good, but the marmite, peanut butter and banana toast just shades it.

2 thoughts on “It’s all bright and blowsy out there

  1. You know Karen I completely agree with you, I have put loads of brightly coloured tulips in the house garden and I love them. Of course they haven’t been bashed to bits by wind and rain. It’s sad that most tulips don’t repeat flower…… the person who breeds them will make a fortune!!



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