Tomorrow was indeed another day

After a day in the doldrums on Tuesday, the sun came out yesterday and lifted everyone’s mood. The weather sage (Keith – he looks at the forecast rather than cat pictures on twitter) had predicted this and we had already planned to abandon all cooking and have a takeaway to maximise time outside. It wasContinue reading “Tomorrow was indeed another day”

When in a grump..

Yesterday was a scratchy day for everyone. It was chilly so gardening didn’t sound fun (though the tulips are nice at the front). There was a stack of ironing to do and I had to set up an iPad for my mum. Actually the ironing wasn’t so bad – once I had reset the NapsterContinue reading “When in a grump..”

Tempus Fugit

Yesterday saw the first barbecue of the season. To escape the smoke we repaired to the gin terrace for pre barbecue drinks and nibbles. (Lachlan had made vol-au-vents – lockdown is pushing his culinary efforts ever onwards). It was crystal clear (above the smoke level) and the Cheviot stood out sharply. Even Lyra admired theContinue reading “Tempus Fugit”

First dip of the season

Lyra has now dropped one real bone and one squeaky bone in the pond. She has shown no inclination to retrieve them. Accordingly, I was exhorted this afternoon to get into the pond and encourage the dog to swim. Having built up some serious heat by wrestling the 8 foot buttercups from the clay bedContinue reading “First dip of the season”

Nippy the Newt Strikes Back

I have been gardening in and around the pond the last few days and keeping an eye on the wildlife. The wilder throes of passion seem to have died down amongst the frogs but I have noticed long ribbons of toad spawn in the Ibiza pool tangled up amongst the tapioca style frogspawn. The toadsContinue reading “Nippy the Newt Strikes Back”

Another lockdown birthday

Wednesday saw Keith’s 66th. The festivities commenced at breakfast with indecent quantities of sausage. The now traditional bunting was still out (it has now been agreed that we may as well leave it up until my retirement celebration at the end of the month). Home made cards and wellington themed gifts were produced. Lachlan rustledContinue reading “Another lockdown birthday”

Not quite Daktari

Does anyone remember the African vet show with the hero in a slightly dodgy safari suit? Well today was pretty much nothing like that. However I did “rescue” one of our feathered friends…… Today was a working from home day. Resplendent in my new office attire of ancient T shirt, cashmere lounging bottoms (what canContinue reading “Not quite Daktari”